Love in South Asia: A Cultural History

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Love may be a universal feeling, but culture and language play a crucial role in defining it. This collection of essays explores for the first time the development of love in South Asia from an historical perspective. Written by leading scholars in the field, it ranges from concepts of love from Persian and Urdu poetry to the new ideals of romantic love and companionate marriage that came with colonial modernity. A substantial introduction contextualizes the essays, presenting the student of South Asia with an important cultural history.


1. Introduction Francesca Orsini; Part I. Love and Courtliness: 2. The household and the pleasure garden: love and dynastic marriage in the post-Gupta period Daud Ali; 3. If music be the food of love: music, masculinity and eroticism in the Mughal mehfil Katherine B. Brown; Part II. Worldly Love and Mystical Love: 4. The shifting sands of love Christopher Shackle; 5. Love, passion and reason in Faizi's Nal-Daman Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahmanyam; 6. To die at the hands of love Jeevan S. Deol; Part III. Love and (Colonial) Modernity: 7. Tagore and transformations in the ideal of love Sudipta Kaviraj; 8. The spaces of love and the passing of the seasons Vasudha Dalmia; Part IV. Shifting Paradigms: 9. Love in the time of Parsi theatre Anuradha Kapur; 10. Love letters Francesca Orsini; 11. Love's repertoire: Qurratulain Hyder's Ag ka darya Kumkum Sangari; Part V. Contemporary Lovescapes: 12. Kiss or tell? Declaring love in Hindi films Rachel Dwyer; 13. Love's cup, love's thorn, love's end: the language of prem in Ghatiyali Ann Grodzins Gold; 14. Kidnapping, elopement and abduction: an ethnography of love-marriage in Delhi Perveez Mody.


Francesca Orsini is Lecturer in Hindi at the University of Cambridge. She is the author of The Hindi Public Sphere: 1920-1940. Language and Literature in the Age of Nationalism (OUP, 2002).


'Those interested in demonstrating to students some of the ways in which 'continuous tradition' works - how it seeps generically 'upward' while percolating 'down' and stretching across time - will recognise this volume as an important contribution.' The Journal of Asian Studies
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