Citizens Abroad: Emigration and the State in the Middle East and North Africa

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Despite the fact that the majority of emigration today originates in the global south, most research has focused on the receiving states of Europe and North America, while very little attention has been paid to the policies of the sending states toward emigration or toward their nationals abroad. Taking the country cases of Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan, this work explores the relationship between the government of the sending states, the outmovement of their citizens and the communities of expatriates that have developed.


1. States and their citizens abroad; 2. State sovereignty, state resilience; 3. Morocco: subjects or citizens?; 4. Tunisia's expatriates: an integral part of the National Community; 5. Lebanon and Its expatriates: a Bird with Two Wings; 6. Jordan: unwilling Citizens, Problematic Expatriates; Conclusions: transnationalism, security and sovereignty; Bibliography.


Laurie A. Brand is Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California. She is also the author of Jordan's Inter-Arab Relations (1994), Palestinians in the Arab World (1988), and Women, the State and Political Liberalization (1998).


"This book charts new territory by taking emigration, and the policies of sending states toward their citizens abroad, seriously." - Laura K. Landolt, Virginia Wesleyan College
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