Faith, Duty and the Power of Mind: The Cloughs and Their Circle 1820-1960

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April 2006



This is the story of an English middle-class family and their fortunes. Centre-stage are the women members, Anne Jemima Clough and her niece, Blanche Athena Clough, who helped replace a model of education for girls which kept them in the home with one which gave them access to systematic study and eventually to professional employment. Faith, Duty and the Power of Mind shows what it might mean to lose Christian faith in nineteenth and early twentieth century England, and is an unusually attractive and distinctive contribution to modern British history.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Family trees; Introduction; 1. Childhood and Charleston; 2. 'A land...with strong foes beset'; 3. Confirming a vocation; 4. Family duty; 5. The beginnings of Newnham; 6. Enter Blanche Athena Clough; 7. 'An ought which has to be reckoned with'; 8. Re-grouping; 9. War and its consequences; 10. Salvage operations; 11. Retirement; Conclusion; Abbreviations; Notes; Index.


Gillian Sutherland is Fellow, Gwatkin Lecturer and Director of Studies in History at Newnham College, Cambridge.


Review of the hardback: 'fascinating... Gillian Sutherland brings out skilfully the different temperaments and characters of her two subjects... Based on meticulous scholarship, her book can also beguile the reader with lively vignettes of Victorian and Edwardian domestic life.' Times Literary Supplement
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