Edward Elgar, Modernist

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An analytical study of Elgar's music and its place in European musical history.


Preface; Glossary; 1. Styles and ideas; 2. A Heideggerian refinement of Shenker's theory; 3. Immuring and immured tonalities: tonal malaise in the First Symphony, Op. 55; 4. 'Fracted and corroborate': narrative implications of form and tonality in Falstaff, Op. 68; 5. Hermeneutics and mimesis; 6. The annihilation of hope and the unpicking of identity: Elgarian hermeneutics; 7. Modern music, modern man; Bibliography.


J. P. E. Harper-Scott is Temporary Lecturer in Music at Royal Holloway, University of London. He studied at the University of Durham and at Magdalen College, Oxford. His essays on Elgar have been published in 19th-Century Music and Music Analysis, and he is a contributor to The Cambridge Companion to Elgar. He is the co-editor, with Julian Rushton, of an essay collection, Elgar Studies (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). This is his first book.


Review of the hardback: 'This very remarkable book will, I hope, be the beginning of a reassessment of Elgar and his position in the history of European music.' International Record Review Review of the hardback: '...advances the discipline of Elgar studies in a significant way. ... Edward Elgar, Modernist is an important publication and has many things to offer the reader who has an intelligent, enquiring mind.' Musical Times
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