Mastering Marketing

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September 2006



Mastering Marketing provides a clearly written explanation of the core skills and concepts needed to market a business profitably. Offering more than just short-term selling tricks, it provides techniques for building and maintaining a long-term profitable market position. It is ideal for those working in marketing for the first time, managers in other functions i.e. finance, HR, production who need to understand this crucial role in the organization, in-company training courses, and business degree and MBA courses.


1 The power of marketing; Part I: Effectiveness is more important than efficiency; Part II: The law of supply and demand; 2 How marketing works; 3 Choosing your customers; 4 The marketing mix; Part I: The product; Part II: Marketing pricing; Part III: Your route to market - distribution; Part IV: Marketing promotion and communications; 5 The marketing plan; 6 The marketing audit; 7 Getting the feedback; Appendix; Workbook; Planning a campaign.


The author Ian Ruskin-Brown has more than 35 years' marketing experience. He worked in the operational field and planning functions for J Lyons, Reed, Trebor, Esso and Goodyear before establishing his own marketing consultancy specialising in market research services and training in marketing and sales skills.

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