Süßwasserfauna von Mitteleuropa, Vol. 7/2-1 Chelicerata: Araneae / Acari I

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September 2006



Chelicerata are a basically terrestrial group of invertebrates, including many clades whose representatives have never found an evolutionary way to aquatic live. An exception is made by the spiders, which include, apart from the famous Argyroneta aquatica, a considerable number of hygrophilous species, and by the highly diverse aquatic mites which in inland water habitats are represented by members of numerous different clades having evolved an aquatic or amphibious lifestyle along various evolutionary pathways.For the first time in limnofaunistic bibliography, the present taxonomic knowledge about these different groups of invertebrates is brought together in an overview for the Central-European fauna. This first volume includes taxonomic keys and ecological information concerning hygrophilous and aquatic spiders, a general introduction to mites, and the treatment of three mite groups generally known from terrestrial habitats (Acaridida, Oribatida, terrestrial Parasitengona). Furthermore, the freshwater-dwelling representatives of the originally marine Halacaridae are treated, and the species-rich true freshwater mites (Hydrachnidia) are represented in a general introduction. Out of the latter group, detailed taxonomic treatment and determination keys are presented for members of the superfamilies Stygothrombioidea, Hydrovolzioidea, Eylaoidea, and Hydrachnoidea.Three further volumes are in preparation which will include the remaining four superfamilies of Hydrachnidia and the larval stages of all superfamilies. The chelicerata volumes of this series are a basic tool for all limnologists interested in diversity and ecology - in particular for biologists investigating the ecotones between ground- and surface water, between benthos and plankton, and between water and land.


Order Araneae
Family Argyronetidae THORELL, 1870

Order Acari I
- General Introduction
- Limnic Acaridida (Astigmata)
Family Acaridae
Family Histiostomatidae (formerly: Anoetidae)
- Limnic Oribatida
Family Mucronothridae
Family Trhypochthoniellidae
Family Malaconothridae
Family Hydrozetidae
Family Limnozetidae
Family Mycobatidae
Family Zetomimidae
- Halacaridae
Subfamily Copidognathinae
Subfamily Halacarinae
Subfamily Limnohalacarinae
Subfamily Lohmannellinae
Subfamily Porolohmannellinae
Subfamily Rhombognathinae
Subfamily Ropohalacarinae
- Terrestrial Parasitengona inhabiting transient biotopes
Superfamily Calyptostomatoidea
Superfamily Erythraeoidea
Superfamily Trombidioidea
Family Johnstonianida
Family Microtrombidiidae
Family Tanaupodidae
Family Trombidiidae
- Hydrachnidia I
Superfamily Stygothrombioidea
Family Stygothrombiidae
Superfamily Hydrovolzioidea
Family Hydrovolziidae
Superfamily Eylaoidea
Family Limnocharidae
Family Piersigiidae
Family Eylaidae
Superfamily Hydrachnoidea
Family Hydrachnidae


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Department of Biology
Institute of Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences
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PL - 65-561 Zielona Góra, Poland

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Biesingerstr. 11
D - 72070 Tübingen, Germany

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Freshwater Biological Association
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The Netherlands

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Dr. Eberhard Wurst
Fachgebiet Parasitologie (220 B)
(Institut für Zoologie)
Universität Hohenheim
Emil-Wolff-Str. 34
D - 70599 Stuttgart, Germany

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