Critical Inuit Studies

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Over the past decade, some of the most innovative work in anthropology and related fields has been done in the Native communities of circumpolar North America.


Part I: Figuring Method Flora and Me: Collaboration and Combat in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta of Southwest Alaska, Molly Lee; Listening to Elders, Working with Youth: Changing Dimensions of Theory and Practice in Alaskan Arctic Research in the 21st Century, Carol Zane Jolles; Participatory Anthropology in Nunavut, Michael Kral and Lori Idlout; Time, Space, and Memory in Inuvialuit Narratives, Murielle Nagy; Anthropology in an Era of Inuit Empowerment, Edmund (Ned) Searles Part II: ReConfiguring Categories: Culture The Pipeline to Citizenship: The Inuvialuit Land Claims Agreement and Economic Development and the Expectations of Indigenous Citizens, Pamela Stern; "Showing" Traditions: Cultural Productions and Cultural Survival among the Iglulingmiut, Nancy Wachowich; Culture as Narrative: Who is telling the Inuit Story?, Nelson Graburn; six gestures, peter kulchyski; The Ethical Injunction to Remember: Memory, Cultural Survival and Ethics in Nunavut, Lisa Stevenson Part III: ReConfiguring Categories: Place Inuit Place Names and Sense of Place, Beatrice Collignon; Inuit Social Networks in an Urban Setting, Nobuhiro Kishigami; Inuit Geographical Knowledge One Hundred Years Apart: Place Names in Tinijjuarvik [Cumberland Sound], Nunavut, Ludger Muller-Wille and Linna Weber Muller-Wille; Iglu to Iglurjuag: The Anthropology of Colonialism in Culture, Home and History, Frank James Tester


Pamela Stern is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. She is the author of Historical Dictionary of the Inuit . Lisa Stevenson is a research fellow in the Department of Social Medicine at Harvard University, USA.


"[Should] make a useful textbook for undergraduate students in northern anthropology, geography or sociology. The authors constitute an interesting sample of contemporary specialists of Inuit studies, most of them American or Canadian, but with the addition of two scholars from the Old World, one French and one Japanese." North Dakota Quarterly
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