Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Diseases

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Mai 2006



Animal models of neuro- and psychopathological states in humans are an indispensable part of both experimental neurology and biological psychiatry. Written by a team of experts, this book provides an up-to-date detailed overview of the current approaches to the design of viable animal models for eight prominent neuropsychiatric diseases. The book is specifically written with the research-oriented reader in mind ? both in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. It contains first-hand information on how to design viable animal models for Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, addiction, depression, fear and anxiety, and schizophrenia. Each chapter also critically discusses the limitations of the animal experimental approach towards an understanding of human neuropsychiatric disorders.


* Animal Models of Alzheimer's Disease (U Gartner & T Arendt) * Animal Models of Epilepsy (K Schwabe & U Ebert) * Animal Models of Huntington's Disease (I J Mitchell) * Animal Models of Parkinson's Disease (W J Schmidt) * Methods for the Behavioral Assessment of Drug Reinforcement and Addictive Features (C Sanchis-Segura et al.) * Animal Models of Depression (P Willner & P J Mitchell) * Animal Models of Fear and Anxiety (M Fendt) * Animal Models of Schizophrenia (M Koch)
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