Hans Bethe and His Physics

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Hans Bethe (1906-2005) won the Nobel Prize in 1967 for his research into how the sun generates its energy by converting hydrogen to helium using carbon as a nuclear catalyst. He was the last of the giants of 20th century physicists who changed the world by discovering quantum mechanics and by creating the atomic bomb. Highly respected as an exemplary citizen-advocate, he sought to stem the arms race over the decades after World War II.Hans Bethe had asked his long-time collaborator, Gerry Brown, to edit a book explaining his physics. Brown and Chang-Hwan Lee, also a Bethe collaborator, are putting together reviews by experts, including: - The Bethe Ansatz, by C N Yang, who gave it that name- Hans Bethe and Quantum Electrodynamics by Freeman Dyson- Hans Bethe and Condensed Matter Physics by Neil Ashcroft and David Mermin- Hans Bethe and the Supernova Problem by Gerry Brown- Hans Bethe and the Nuclear Many Body Problem by Jeremy Holt and Gerry Brown- Hans Bethe and the Global Energy Problems by Boris Ioffe- Hans Bethe and Arms Control will be discussed by several experts


"There is much new material on Bethe the man, as in Christoph Adami's detailed diary of three weeks with him ... I'm amazed at Bethe's prescience as far back as 1977 on global energy problems as they are emerging at the present time. Read about it in a revealing essay by Boris Ioffe ... I highly recommend this handsome volume."Australian Physics"I would especially recommend the book to anyone who has been involved in any way with the events described, as it brings alive many of the physicists that some of us knew only slightly, or by reputation alone."Nature"This book does an admirable task in drawing a portrait of a great scientist and a great man. Bethe's power, in my experience, was that he could always readily get to the heart of a problem in any field and solve it in the most economical way, and this comes through clearly. The book is a 'must read' for every researcher and teacher of science."CERN Courier
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