Drawing and Painting Plants

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September 2006



This is a botanically-based, practical manual on how to paint a vast range of plants in watercolour and other media.


Christina Brodie is a graduate from the Winchester School of Art, and she was awarded RHS Gold Medals in 2003 and 2005. She has taught botanical painting for the RHS at Rosemoor, and runs design company Temple of Flora.


"...this does not compromise or cut corners and it's refreshing in an age when books are increasingly becoming commodities...that there is still someone out there who is prepared...to go the extra mile to produce books for the serious student." Artbookreview.net (4th October 2006) "A good mix of inspiration and education, with gorgeous illustrations, as you might expect." Publishing News (4th August 2006) 'This new and authoritative book is a welcome change of direction... For the artistic plant lover, it's a real treat.' The Artist (April 2006)
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