Parisian Scholars in the Early Fourteenth Century: A Social Portrait

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Februar 2006



This study of the social, geographical, and disciplinary composition of the University of Paris in the early fourteenth century--the most detailed of its kind ever attempted--is based on the reconstruction of a remarkable document: the financial record of tax levied on university members in the academic year 1329-1330. After a thorough examination of this document, the book explores residential patterns, the relationship of students, masters, and tutors, social class and levels of wealth, interaction with the royal court, and the geographical background of university scholars.


List of maps and figures; Preface; Introduction: Paris in 1329; Part I. The Recovery and Context of a Document: 1. The computus of 1329-1330; 2. Collectae and university finance; 3. Precipitating event: the rape of Symonette; Part II. A window in a Lost World: 4. Academic space: the topography of the university community; 5. Lodging and residential patterns; 6. The sociology of the university community; 7. The geographical origins of the university community; Conclusion; Part III. Biographical Register: Appendices; Select bibliography; Indexes.


'This work provides a brilliant window into the academic community at Paris in 1329-30.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review
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