Big Christianity

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In recent years, Jan Linn says, religious and political dialogue in the United States has been hijacked by the so-called religious right, a coalition of conservative Christian leaders who purport to speak for all Christians but whose politicized brand of Christianity excludes many and falls short of the true gospel message. Linn argues for a bigger Christianity, one big enough to embrace all of God's people with a message of inclusion and acceptance.In his passionate argument, Linn recovers the prophetic voice of a faith that cannot be reduced to a single nation, race, or class and echoes a call for justice, integrity, and deep faithfulness in the political landscape of contemporary America.


Jan G. Linn is co-Pastor of Spirit of Joy Christian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Previously he was Chaplain at Lynchburg College in Virginia and Director of Field Education at Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky. He is the author of more than ten books for laity and clergy.
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