101 Ways to Make Poems Sell

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"101 Ways to Make Poems Sell" is an insider's guide to the poetry business, focusing on the issues that matter: building profile, finding readers and selling books. Hamilton-Emery offers practical and hard-earned advice about the ins and outs of marketing poetry and driving sales. Whether you are a novice or an established poet, this book provides you with over a hundred tools and techniques to help sell your books, keep your publisher and build a readership around the world.


Acknowledgements Preface 1 Making Poetry Submissions 2 Building your Profile 3 Sorting your Book 4 Selling your Book Index


Chris Emery lives in Cromer with his wife and children. He is a director of Salt. He has published three collections of poetry, a writer's guide, an anthology of art and poems, and edited editions of Emily Bronte, Keats and Rossetti. His work has been widely published in magazines and anthologised. He is a contributor to The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing, edited by David Morley and Philip Neilsen. He is poet-in-residence at Roehampton University for 2013.


Chris Hamilton-Emery's list of fifty pointers [about submitting your work] deserves to be pinned up over your desk. -- Richard Bell Writing Magazine His book is about the place of the poet in relation to the publisher, and how she can help herself to market and realise the full potential of her work in terms of readership. Advice on the importance of the web for marketing and author 'presence,' as well as creating personal networks, makes this book a 'must' buy for new poets. -- Simon Smith PBS Bulletin Whether you're a novice or a published poet, this book really does offer a lot of useful information. In effect it's a self-help book for poets, providing 101 suggestions about how develop your career as a poet and sell your work. If you're serious about selling your poems, this book is a must. -- Chris Holifield Writersservices.com
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