Mini Cushions in Cross Stitch: 30 Original Designs to Make

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August 2006



It's the little touches that make each home special, and this sourcebook is filled with mini cushions that pack in big-time style. Cross-stitchers of all levels can make these intricate designs, thanks to the comprehensive instructions and innovative embellishments to keep the experienced stitcher engaged. From framed samplers and pin cushions to matching cards and festive decorations, there is a mini cushion for every room and gift-giving occasion. Whether used as decorative additions and samplers, or treated as templates for full-sized cushions, these projects--with such exciting names as Checkmate, Taste of India, and Scissor Keeper--are sure to delight.


Sheena Rogers has enjoyed painting and drawing for many years and took up cross stitch in 1990, as part of her Art & Design 'A' level. She began designing soon afterwards and now combines her cross stitch and drawing skills in designing new patterns. She also designs tapestries and enjoys experimenting with other materials, and her interest in craft, particularly cross stitch and embroidery, extends to their history and development. This is her second book for GMC Publications. Her first, Cross Stitch in Colour, was published in 1996. She lives in Kent.

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