Nanomaterials: From Research to Applications

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A research project at the Tokyo Institute of Technology dedicated to fostering innovation in the field of nanomaterials was selected as one of the 21st Century COE (Center of Excellence) programs. The achievements of this COE program, which builds on the strong tradition of materials science in the Institute, are summarized within this book.
Nanomaterials - Research Towards Applications
is divided into four main parts:
(1) Revolutionary Oxides
(2) State-of-the-Art Polymers
(3) Nanostructure Design for New Functions, and
(4) Nanostructure Architecture for Engineering Applications.
* Each section consists of three or four chapters related to inorganic, organic and metallic nanomaterials


Part I: Revolutional Oxides 1. Function Cultivation in Transparent Oxides Utilizing Natural and Artificial Nanostructures (H. Hosono and M. Hirano) 2. The Role of Lattice Defects in Oxides (M. Itoh) 3. Size Effect of Ferroelectric and High Permittivity Thin Films (H. Funakubo) Part II: State-of-the-Art Polymers 4. Photonic Devices using Liquid Crystal Nanostructures (H. Takezoe) 5. Nanocylinder Array Structures in Block Copolymer Thin Films (K. Kamata, T. Iyoda) 6. Nano-Size Charge Inhomogeneity in Organic Materials (T. Mori) Part III: Nanostructure Design for New Functions 7. Size Control of Nanostructures by Quantum Confinement (H. Hirayama) 8. Grain Boundary Dynamics in Ceramics Superplasticity (F. Wakai, A. Dominguez-Rodriguez) 9. Nanostructure Control for High-Strength and High-Ductility Aluminum Alloys (T. Sato) Part IV: Nanostructure Architecture for Engineering Applications 10. Nanoporous Materials from Mineral and Organic Templates (K. Okada, K.J.D. MacKenzie) 11. Enhancement of Thermoelectric Figure of Merit through Nanostructural Control on Intermetallic Semiconductors toward High Temperature Applications (Y. Mishima, Y. Kimura, S. Wng Kim) 12. Smart Coatings - Multilayered and Multifunctional in-situ Ultrahigh-Temperature Coatings (H. Hosoda)
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