The European Dimension of British Planning

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November 2001



Written primarily from a British planning perspective, the book illustrates how various EU policies, programs, and legal instruments have affected the practice of planning in Britain and the work of central government and local planning authorities. This practice relates, for example, to opportunities for planning agencies to develop particular developmental projects, to participate in EU financial programs, to frame economic development strategies within the context of the Structural Funds, and to take account of EC directives within development control work. The core material is based on research gathered from six case study local authorities in Britain and extensive interviews with central and local government officials.


1. Introduction. 2. The Development of a European Context for Spatial Planning. 3. The European Spatial Planning Perspective. 4. Categorizing EU Spatial Planning Measures. 5. The Impact of Europe on National and Regional Planning. 6. Urban and Regional Maritime Area: Kent. 7. Urban and Rural Area England: Northamptonshire. 8. Urban and Rural Area Scotland: Strathclyde. 9. Urban and Rural Area Wales: Mid Glamorgan. 10. Urban Provincial City: Leicester. 11. Rural Maritime Area: Gwynedd. 12. European Impacts on British Planning. 13. Conclusions.


Richard H Williams is a senior lecturer, Department of Town and Country Planning, University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Mark Tewdwr-Jones is a senior lecture, Department of Land Economy, University of Aberdeen.
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