Managing Teacher Appraisal and Performance

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September 2001



The biggest single issue currently facing school managers is how they should appraise their staff and what the implications of the process are. This edited collection brings together the latest thinking on the subject, from both the UK and overseas, and places it directly in the context of school management. Issues discussed include the role of appraisal in school leadership and the role of appraisal in developing teachers. The importance of this combined with the lack of published material on the subject make this book an essential purchase for all headteachers, heads of department, INSET co-ordinators and postgraduate educational management students.


1. The significance of teacher performance appraisal, Carol Cardno & David Middlewood; 2. Appraising heads or leading learners: Headteacher appraisal in the UK, John West-Burnham; 3. Principal performance appraisal in Singapore, Joy Chew; 4. Ethics in principal appraisal in New Zealand, Wayne Edwards; 5. Managing dilemmas in appraising performance, Carol Cardno; 6. Authentic forms of teacher assessment and staff development in the U.S., Stephen Jacobson and Catherine Battaglia; 7. 'Trust and Control' in teacher appraisal in South Africa, Mike Thurlow with Shamilla Ramnarian; 8. Teacher perceptions of success factors in implementing appraisal: A New Zealand study, Tanya Fitzgerald and Carol Cardno; 9. 'Soft' and 'hard' approaches in the UK appraisal teacher performance, David Middlewood; 10. Teacher appraisal and educational accountability, Kenneth Leithwood; 11. The limited value of appraisal performance. What might we do instead? Laurence Ingvarson; 12. What future for teacher appraisal and performance management? David Middlewood; 13.


David Middlewood is Director of School Based Programmes in the Education Management Development Unit at the University of Leicester. Carol Cardno is Professor of Educational Management and Head of the School of Education at UNITEC Institute of Technology, New Zealand


'The teaching profession very much needs a book like this publication is particularly timely given the government's agenda.' Richard Parker, Headteacher 'This is an outstanding selection of authors.' - Professor Harry Tomlinson, NPHQ Regional Training Development Centre, Leeds Metropolitan University 'As a practitioner who is involved in the assessment of leaders and managers in education and as one who will be a threshold assessor I see great and timely value in a book of this type.' - Philip Braide, LEA Advisor 'This would appear to fill a gap in the market.' - Caroline Wragg, University of Exeter
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