Equalising Opportunities, Minimising Oppression

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Anti-Racist Practice (ARP), Anti-Discriminatory Practice (ADP) and Anti-Oppressive Practice (AOP) form a trinity of concepts, nested into one another, which have evolved in welfare services over the last fifteen years. They tend to have developed as forms of practice panaceas and as a result have been subject to both unrealistic expectations and, at times, to political ridicule. This book clarifies the distinctions between three key concepts - ARP, ADP and AOP. Critically and constructively analysing these three approaches to practice it reappraises their potential in the light of emerging equality issues in the health service With contributions from leading teachers and practitioners in the field, Equalising Opportunities provides students and practitioners in health and social care with a clear overview of an area where there is much confusion and imperfect understanding.


Introduction 1. From Equal Opportunities to Anti Oppressive Practice: Analysing the Historical and Social Context 2. The Development of Anti Racism in Social Work 3. Anti Discriminatory Practice: What Does it Mean, How Do We Make It A Reality? 4. Anti Oppressive Practice 5. The Political Challenge of Anti Racism 6. Equal Opportunities in the NHS 7. Frameworks for Anti Discriminatory Strategies in the Health Service 8. ADP and AOP: Assessing their Utility for People with Disabilities 9. ADP in Mental Health: Social Inclusion Through Work 10. Non Discriminatory Discrimination 11. Difference and the Significance of Difference in Anti Discriminatory Approaches


Winston Trew is the author of a number of widely circulated training papers on anti racism for social work practitioners

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