Ethnicity in Asia: A Comparative Introduction

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August 2003



This book is designed as a comprehensive comparative introduction to ethnicity in East and Southeast Asia since 1945. Each chapter covers a particular country looking at such core issues as:
A- the ethnic minorities or groups in the country of concern, how many ethnic groups, population, language and culture group they belong to, traditional religions and arts
A- government policy towards the ethnic minorities or groups
A- the economies of the ethnic minorities or groups and the relation with the national economy;
A- problems of national integration caused by the ethnic minorities or groups;
A- the impact of ethnic issues on the country's overall foreign relations.


1. Introduction 2. Ethnicity in China 3. In Japan, but not of Japan 4. Ethnicity in Indonesia 5. Ethnicity and Class in Malaysia 6. Singapore: Multiracial harmony as public good 7. Vietnam 8. Ethnicity in the Philippines 9. Ethnicity and the Politics of Ethnic Classification in Thailand 10. Myanmar/Burma 11. Cambodia 12. Laos: Minorities


Colin Mackerras is Professor in the School of Asian and International Studies, Griffith University, Australia. In 1999 he was elected Fellow of the Australia Academy of Humanities and won an award for achievements in Australia-China cultural relations. He is a well known specialist on China with particular research interests in China's ethnic minorities, Chinese history and politics and Chinese theatre.


'For scholars whose specialized knowledge is often confined within the boundaries of one or a handful of particular nation-states, this volume offers a very useful, broad survey ot ethnicity in Asia, with contributions of consistent scope and quality. The writing style is also consistently accessible to general readers.' - The Journal of Asian Studies
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