Macroeconomics for Developing Countries

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April 2003



This comprehensively revised and updated edition develops the themes presented in the first edition. Students and teachers who are familiar with the book will notice entirely new chapters as well as significant revision and uptating of existing chapters to take into account global economic changes since the turn of the millennium. With questions for discussion and excellent use of case studies, the book covers such themes as:
* standard closed and open macroeconomic models
* a full evaluation of the post-Washington consensus model
* IMF stabilization programs and their effects on developing economies
* the pressing problems of indebtedness
* financial sector reforms in developing countries.
This informative textbook is the ideal accompaniment for students of development economics and it will prove popular with lecturers and academics alike.


Preface to the second edition, Preface to the fist edition Part I: The Basic Macroeconomic Framework 1. Macroeconomic problems of developing countries 2. National accounts and the macroeconomy 3. The basic IS-LM-AS model in the closed economy 4. The process of money creation and the demand for money 5. Macroeconomic policy in an open economy 6. Current account and asset demand approaches to balance of payments Part 2: Macroeconomic Models of Developing Countries 7. IMF type macro models for developing countries 8. A structuralist macros model for developing countries 9. Dualistic models of output and inflation in developing countries 10. Growth, theory and developing country macroeconomics Part 3: Policy Dilemmas faced by Developing Countries 11. An evaluation of the IMF programs in developing countries 12. Macroeconomic dimensions of fiscal policy in developing countries 13. The inflation rate and seignorage 14. The problem of indebtedness of HIPC countries 15. The exchange rate issues in developing countries Part 4: Issues in Developing Country Macroeconomics 16. Financial market liberalization and economic growth in developing countries 17. The international financial architecture and developing countries 18. A final word, Bibliography, Name index, Subject Index


'Jha's is a useful book ... a suitable text for a single semester module on development macroeconomics.' - Journal of International Development 'There are many reasons to recommend this book to readers ... deficiencies in the book are hard to find.' - Economic and Political Weekly
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