A Game for Rough Girls?: A History of Women's Football in Britain

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August 2003



Offering an academic account of the development of women's soccer, this book traces the game's historical evolution in the UK, surveys the development of the game in the US, Europe and Africa, and offers a thorough critique of the contemporary state of women's football.


Introduction: Ladies Football or Women's Soccer? Part One: A History of Women's Soccer in Britain Part Two: The Rise of a Global Game 1. Women's Soccer in the US 2. Women's Soccer in Europe 3. Women's Soccer in Africa 4. FIFA and the Olympic Movement Part Three: A Professional Era 5. Professional Women Players 6. Coaching Women 7. Coaching Women 8. Women's Soccer and the Media Conclusion: The Future is Feminine?


Jean Williams is a senior lecturer in education in the School of History and International Studies at De Montfort University, Leicester. She is a consultant to media and sports organisations including FIFA, and is currently involved in a major cross-national research project into women's football.
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