Qualitative Research in Tourism: Ontologies, Epistemologies and Methodologies

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While qualitative approaches are beginning to be more commonly used and accepted in tourism, discussions of research methods have rarely moved beyond practical considerations. To date there has been limited attention given to the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings that influence the research process. This book links theory with research practice to offer a more holistic account of how qualitative research can be used in tourism.The book provides a range of case studies written by leading scholars from the UK, Greece, Scandinavia, America, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. The book makes it clear, in an accessible style, the ways in which these pieces of research have been informed by the authors' epistemological, ontological, and methodological standpoint.


Part 1 1. Progress in Qualitative Research in Tourism: Epistemology, Ontology and Methodology 2. The Inquiry Paradigm in Qualitative Tourism Research 3. Knowing About Tourism: Epistemological Issues 4. A Primer in Ontological Craft: The Creative Capture of People and Places Through Qualitative Research 5. Ontological Craft in Tourism Studies: The Productive Mapping of Identity and Image in Tourism Settings 6. (Dis)Embodied Experience and Power Dynamics in Tourism Research 7. Standpoint Research: Multiple Versions of Reality in Tourism Theorising and Research 8. Reflexivity and Tourism Research: Situating Myself and/with Others 9. Trustworthiness in Qualitative Tourism Research 10. New Wine in Old Bottles: An Adjustment of Priorities in the Anthropological Study of Tourism 11. From Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology to the field Part 2 12. The Research Process as a Journey: From positivist traditions into the realms of qualitative inquiry 13. Let your Data do the Talking: Researching the Solo Travel Experiences of British and American Women 14. The Life and Work History Methodology: A Discussion of its Potential use for Tourism and Hospitality Research 15. Memory 16. Contributions of Qualitative Research to Understanding the Politics of Community Ecotourism 17. Shared Benefits: Longitudinal Research in Eastern Indonesia 18. Translators, Trust and Truth: Cross-Cultural Issues in Sustainable Tourism Research
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