Biotechnology in Comparative Perspective

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The biotechnology industry is an extremely important sector in the developed world's economies. This book, with contributions from an international array of experts, explains why biotechnology companies in different countries concentrate in a small number of locations and what accounts for the success some of these companies then go on to have.This interesting book covers such themes as:* the role of small firms in US biotechnology clusters* geographic clustering in the UK* case studies involving the sectors in a cross-section of European companiesWith such international contributions, this book will be of interest to students and academics involved in Industrial Organization, Innovation Studies and Business Organization. Not only that, professionals with an interest in international business will also find this to be a very useful read.


1. G. Fuchs Biotechnology in Coparative Perspective 2. B. Audretsch The Role of Small Firms in US Biotechnology Clusters 3. M. Prevezer The Development of Biotechnology Clusters in the US from the late 1970s to the early 1990s 4. J. Nioisi The Competencies of Regions Canada's Clusters in Biotechnology 5. P. Cooke Geographic Clustering in the UK Biotechnology Sector 6. G. Krauss The 'Rhine-Neckar-Triangle Bioregion': Scientific Excellence and catching up in development 7. V. Mangematin, F. Corolleur, S. Lemarie and A. Torre French Biotech Start-ups and Biotech Clusters in France. The Importance of Geographic Proximity 8. S. Breschi, F. Lissoni and L. Orsenigo Success and Failure in the development of biotechnology clusters: the case of Lombardy 9. C. Enzing Dutch Cluster policy and the Character of Regional Concentration of Biotech Firms 10. G. Schienstock and P. Tulkki The Fourth Pillar? An assessment of the situation of the Finnish Biotechnology


Gerhard Fuchs is Deputy Director of the Department of Technology, Organisation and Work at the Centre for Technology Assessment in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.


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