Human Resource Management in China: Past, Current and Future HR Practices in the Industrial Sector

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November 2004



Enhancing our understanding of HRM in the Chinese industrial sector, this book explores the emerging role of HRM in China's industrial enterprises. A significant contribution to the theory of HRM, this book will be essential reading for students and researchers of Business and Management, HRM and Asian Business.


1. Introduction 2. Economic Reform and its Impact on HR Practices 3. Research Methodology 4. Case Study: HR Practices in an SOE 5. Case Study 2: HR Practices in a COE 6. Case Study 3: HR Practices in a POE 7. Case Study 4: HR Practices in an FIE 8. Surveys of HR Practices in Chinese Industrial Enterprises 9. The Role of HRM in Transition


Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu is Associate Professor in the Department of Management, Monash University. Her research interests include human resource management (international and domestic level) and cross-cultural management.


'This book's value lies in the fact that it is the first to compare systematically the internal organization of Chinese enterprises.' - The China Journal
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