Housing in the European Countryside

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Dezember 2002



Housing in the European Countryside provides an overview of the housing pressures and policy challenges facing Europe, while highlighting critical differences. By drawing on contemporary research work of leading authors in the fields of housing studies, rural geography and planning, the book provides an introduction to housing issues across the European countryside for those who have hitherto been unexposed to such concerns, and who wish to gain some basic insight.
This in-depth review of housing pressure in the European countryside reveals both the form, nature and variety of problems now being experienced in different parts of Europe, in addition to outlining policy solutions that are being provided by member states and other agencies in meeting the rural housing challenge at this time and in the years ahead.


1. Introduction 2. Theories and Levels of Comparative Analysis Part 1: Cohesive, Cultures, Regulatory Regimes 3. Norway 4. Sweden 5. The Netherlands 6. France Part 2: Atomistic Cultures, Laissez-Faire Regimes 7. Italy 8. Spain 9. Ireland Part 3: Divisive Cultures, Unstable Regimes 10. England 11. Scotland 12. Wales 13. Housing Pressure in the European Countryside: A Power Regime Perspective 14. Conclusions


Nick Gallent is a Senior Lecturer in Planning at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. His principal research interests include: UK housing policy, housing and the planning system and planning and affordable housing. Mark Shucksmith is Professor of Land Economy, University of Aberdeen and Co-Director, Arkleton Centre for Rural Development Research, University of Aberdeen. He is Programme Adviser, Joseph Rowntree Foundation "Action in Rural Areas" programme, and Programme Chair, World Rural Sociology Congress 2004 and Executive Member of IRSA. Mark Tewdwr-Jones is Reader in Spatial Planning and Governance at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. His main interests are in the fields of planning, government and politics.
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