Creation and Returns of Social Capital: A New Research Program

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November 2003



The idea of a social capital research program has become increasingly significant within the social sciences. This collection of essays contributes to a theoretical integration as well as standardization of measurement instruments and co-ordination of empirical research on the significance of social capital.


Preface Part I: Introduction to the Programme 1. Creation and Returns of Social Capital. A New Research Programme Henk Flap Part II: The Distribution of Social Capital 2. The Distribution of Gendered Social Capital in Canada Bonnie Erickson 3. Does Social Capital Offset Social and Economic Inequalities? Social Capital in Everyday Life Alain Degenne, Mari Odile Lebeaux and Yannick Lemel Part III: The Creation of Social Capital 4. Information and the Creation and Return of Social Capital: An Experimental Study Arno Riedl and Frans van Winden 5. Social Capital in Exchange Networks: A Simulation Study of Network Evolution Phil Bonacich Part IV: The Returns of Social Capital 6. Social Capital in Education. Functional Communities Around High Schools in the Netherlands Anne Bert Dykstra, Rene Veenstra and Jules Peschar 7. Job Search in Urban China: Gender, Network Chains and Embedded Resources Nan Lin 8. Social Networks and Performance at Work: A Study of the Returns of Social Capital in Doing One's Job Beate Volker and Henk Flap Part V: Measurement of Social Capital 9. Proposals for the Measurement of Individual Social Capital Martin van der Gaag and Tom Snijders 10. Measuring Social Capital by Network Capacity Indices Ove Frank Part VI: Social Capital at the Collective Level 11. Social Capital and Economics Martin Paldam and Geert Tinggaard Svendsen 12. Role and Rise of Social Capital Michel Forse Notes on the contributors


Henk Flap is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Utrecht University and the ICS (Interuniversity Centre for Social Science Theory and Methodology), The Netherlands. He works on the development of social capital theory and testing it in various organizational and institutional contexts. Another research interest is the persecution of the Jews during World War II. Beate V lker is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, Utrecht University and the ICS, The Netherlands. Her main research interests are the contextual conditions of social networks and the returns of social capital.


"Falp and Volker's collection offers some considerable food for thought overall....an extremely valuable read.."
-The Sociological Review, Fiona Devine
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