Co-operative Learning: The Social and Intellectual Outcome of Learning in Groups

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The contributors to this book make links between the theories that underpin the study of group dynamics and their practical application to the classroom. They provide a comprehensive overview of these theories and their related application, insights into assessment practices for measuring the outcomes of small group learning, outline how group experiences can promote socialization and friendships and demonstrate how interaction style among pupils and teachers is a crucial factor in facilitating learning.


. An Historical Review of the Use of Groups to Promote Socialization and Learning R. M. Gillies & A. F. Ashman 2. Fostering Social Development in Preschool and the Early Elementary Grades Through Cooperative Classroom Activities V. Battistich & M. Watson 3. Structuring Cooperative Learning Experiences in Primary School R. M. Gillies 4. Cooperative Learning in Secondary Education: A Curriculum Perspective J. Terwel 5. From Cooperation to Collaboration: Helping Students Become Collaborative Learners K. McWhaw, H. Schnackenberg, J. Sclater & P. C. Abrami 6. Peer-Mediation and Students with Diverse Learning Needs A. F. Ashman 7. Who Gains What From Cooperative Learning: An Overview of Eight Studies H. Shachar 8. Student Assessment Practices in Cooperative Learning J. A. Ross and Carol Rolheiser 9. Student Motivation in Cooperative Groups: Social Interdependence Theory D. W. Johnson & R. T. Johnson 10. Computer Support for Collaborative Learning of Child Pedestrian Skills H. Foot, A. Tolmie, J. Thomson, K. Whelan, S. Morrison & P. Sarvary 11. Peer Support Networks in School and Community Settings A. F. Ashman & R. M. Gillies 12. Large Classes and Small Groups: A Social Systems Approach S. Sharan 13. Guiding Intellectual and Personal Growth Across Educational Contexts A. F. Ashman & R. M. Gillies.


Adrian Ashman is Professor of Education at the University of Queensland Robyn Gillies is at the University of Queensland, Australia
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