Mediating Science Learning Through Information and Communications Technology

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Dezember 2003



Developments in information technology are bringing about changes in science education. This Reader focuses on the theoretical and practical consideration of using information and communications technologies in teaching and learning.


Part 1: What Are the Current Issues in Using ICT to Teach and Learn Science? 1. Using ICT to Teach and Learn Science 2. Rethinking the Teaching of Science 3. Using ICT in Teaching and Learning Science Part 2: Designing and Evaluating ICT to Teach and Learn Science 4. Designing and Evaluating Science Teaching Sequences: An Approach Drawing Upon the Concept of Learning Demand and a Social Constructivist Perspective on Learning 5. Designing Multimedia E-Learning for Science Education 6. Evaluation of ICT: An Overview for Learning and Teaching Science 7. Evaluating Communication and Information Technologies: A Toolkit for Practitioners Part 3: Extending Access to Science Learning 8. Extending Access Using ICT: Issues and Prospects 9. Redesigning Practical Work: Web-Based Remote Experimentation 10. ICT for Science Education: Current Prospects and Trends in Research


Richard Holliman is lecturer at the Centre for Science Education at the Open University and Eileen Scanlon is Professor at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.


'Although this book deals with IT in science learning specifically, it should interest researchers and educators in other disciplines - as all of the chapters deal with pertinent issues of IT as a mediating tool in the teaching and learning process.' - British Journal of Educational Technology
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