Education Development and Leadership in Higher Education: Developing an Effective Institutional Strategy

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November 2004



In today's highly competitive and globalized higher education market, leaders and managers find themselves considering the same issues of quality assurance, increased participation, the potential of new technologies and improving standards of teaching, learning and leadership. Education development has a central role to play in these areas, and should be a core element in the strategic positioning of all higher education institutions.This book is a packed with research and proven case study material on what education development can offer managers in higher education. It draws from worldwide experiences of leading innovative educational developers, and illustrates the numerous ways in which education development strategies, structures and processes can make a difference to an institution's corporate strategy.


'Reading this book will provide a better understanding of the challenges we face and will offer some useful ideas for starting to bring about cultural change.' - Alan Hurst, The Skill Journal, November 2005 'This book provides a lot of pleasant, thought-provoking reading.' - British Journal of Educational Technology Vol 38 No 1 2007
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