Development and Rights: Negotiating Justice in Changing Societies

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This collection of essays hand explores a major undercurrent of the debate on rights, namely the question of universalism and cultural relativism. It also explores how rights are claimed and contested, vindicated and politicized and, in different ways, transform social practice.


Development and rights - tempering universalism and relativism, Christian Lund; on universal morality and the morality of universalism, Zygmunt Bauman; universal rights and the historical context, Per Bauhn; changing African land tenure - reflections on the incapacities of the state, Sally Falk Moore; politics and struggles for access to land - "grants from above" and "squatters" in coastal Kenya, Karuti Kanyinga; past wrongs and gender rights - issues and conflicts in South Africa's land reform, Susie Jacobs; women's human rights and African customary laws - between universalism and relativism - individualism and communitarianism, Anne Hellum; the interplay between collective rights and obligations and individual rights, Rie Odgaard, Agnette Weiss Bentzon; governance as multilateral development bank policy - the cases of the African Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank.
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