The Dimensions of Global Citizenship: Political Identity Beyond the Nation-State

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September 2003



The Dimensions of Global Citizenship takes issue with the assumption that ideas about global citizenship are merely Utopian ideals. The author argues that, far from being a modern phenomenon, world citizenship has existed throughout history as a radical alternative to the inadequacies of the nation-state system. Only in the post-war era has this ideal become politically meaningful. This social transformation is illustrated by references to the activities of global social movements as well as those of individual citizens.


Part 1 The rediscovery of citizenship: citizenship - some definitions; the four components of citizenship - membership, rights, duties, participation; the origins of citizenship; alternative citizenship - world citizenship, "non-modern" citizenship; introduction to the book. Part 2 Citizenship and the nation-state: citizenship and the modern nation-state; citizens and states - the liberal tradition, the comunitarian tradition, the republican tradition; citizenship and modern society - the pluralist perspective, the Marxist perspective, the new right perspective; the limitations of citizenship - inclusion and exclusion - citizenship and social class, citizenship and gender, citizenship, culture and ethnicity; nationalism, nation and state. Part 3 World citizenship: the origins of world citizenship - from Socrates to Seneca, religious universalism, modernity - the politicization of world citizenship; the two projects of modernity; moral universalism and human rights - Kant and moral universalism, the idea of human rights; world federalism and functionalism; the transformation of world citizenship. Part 4 Modernity, globality and globalization: the challenge of globalization; globalization; globality; modernity; modernity and globality. Part 5 Global citizenship: beyond the social contract?; membership of a global community; types of global citizen; citizenship and the cosmopolitan public sphere; performative citizenship; rethinking the state; the challenge of radical democracy; a social theory of global citizenship? Part 6 Global citizenship as organizational practice: global citizenship and social movements; the world government of world citizens; the philosophical orientation of the organization; the organization as representative of global citizenship. Part 7 The construction of political identity: world citizenship as a nation-state construction; nation-state citizenship as a local construction; cultural identity/political action; local citizenship as a global construction. Part 8 Globality and everyday life: on globality - globality - between home and the outside world, globality - between the self and the outside world; on nationalism and the nation- state; on rethinking political identity; living in the global city. Part 9 The dimensions of global citizenship: participation - from liberal democracy to information society; duties - from the national interest to the survival of the planet; rights - from citizenship to humanity; membership - from political state to multicultural society. Part 10 Active citizenship today: globalism, and nation-state values; modernity and its conditions; education for global citizenship - information technology, environmental education, multicultural education, human rights awareness; globalization and inequalities; active citizenship now and in the future.
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