African Americans in the Jazz Age: A Decade of Struggle and Promise

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August 2006



The victorious end to the first World War offered hope to African Americans who had fought for freedom abroad and hoped to find it at home. Mark Schneider recounts the history of this turbulent era, paying particular attention to the ways in which African Americans actively challenged Jim Crow and firmly expressed pride in their heritage.


Introduction: What the War Wrought
Chapter 1: Black Hopes, White Fears, Red Summer
Chapter 2: Migrants North
Chapter 3: Changing Institutions in Changing Times
Chapter 4: Civil Rights
Chapter 5: Expressions of Pride Epilogue Documents Bibliographic Essay


Mark R. Schneider is the author of We Return Fighting: The Civil Rights Movement in the Jazz Age and Boston Confronts Jim Crow: 1890-1920. He received his Ph.D. from Boston College.


African Americans in the Jazz Age is a compelling portrait of the complexities of African-American life and the fight for equal rights during the decade of the 1920s. The first complete synthesis of one of the most critical eras in African-American history, Schneider's work demonstrates that the era known for the Harlem Renaissance was an exciting time of activism and creativity that extended throughout black communities across America. This is a readable and engaging account with primary documents that are intensely moving and will provoke thoughtful classroom discussion. -- Jill Watts, California State University, San Marcos African Americans in the Jazz Age provides a concise and insightful overview of the African American experience from the end of the First World War to the onset of the Great Depression. The short narrative provides a clear examination of social, political and cultural developments from the Red Summer of 1919 through the Harlem Renaissance that is remarkably rich in detail. The accompanying documents effectively illuminate the themes introduced in the narrative. -- Cary D. Wintz, Texas Southern University African Americans in the Jazz Age is an original and significant contribution to African American history. By exploring the emergence of the New Negro and the quest of blacks to build institutions, battle against virulent racism, and intensify the struggle for Civil Rights, Schneider has produced an impressive and extremely valuable book that helps to explain the progress of later generations. It is must reading for anyone with an interest in African American and urban history. -- Henry Louis Taylor, University at Buffalo
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