Wine from Grape to Glass

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Oktober 2006



The ultimate guide for wine lovers who want to understand where their favorite wines are grown, how they are produced, and how best to savor them. Internationally acclaimed wine expert jens Priewe has written the book for the contemporary wine consumer who drinks what he or she likes--one day a grand, awe-inspiring vintage; the next, an unknown wine from a country whose name has only recently appeared on the wine maps of the world. Priewe explains why some wines cost hundreds of dollars while others cost only ten. He provides a key to the complex language of wine and illuminates the science of wine making while honoring the art that creates great wines. About half of the book is devoted to the wine-making process itself. including everything from why wine grows best in poor soil to why a wine matures faster in a small barrel than in a large one. The other half examines the best wines of the world, country by country, and guides the reader to an understanding of the intricacies of wine tasting and appreciation. New topics covered in this edition include: "How Much Wine Goes in Each Glass; " "Drinking Temperature; " and "Wine as an Investment." Illustrated with more than 1,000 color images, including computer graphics that explain the invisible processes of wine making: satellite maps and aerial photos of the world's most important wine regions; and photographs of individual vineyards by the world's best wine photographers; and fully updated throughout, Wine will quench the thirst for knowledge that true wine lovers feel rising within them whenever they uncork a bottle of fine wine.


..".This beautiful...book from Abbeville Press would make an excellent gift for any wine lover. The ample photographs throughout are breathtaking. It will definitely inspire you to open a bottle of fine wine. It might even move you to make travel reservations to any one of the wine regions covered in the book."
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