Women Writers in Pre-Revolutionary France: Strategies of Emancipation

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This extensive collection of English-language essays examines the many strategies of resistance to male domination that women in France from the 16th through the 18th centuries utilized in their lives and their writings.


Contributors Introduction Part I: Women in History: The Emergence of Feminist Consciousness Women's Views on Marriage Fire and Water Paula Sommers Sex, Lies, and Autobiography Francis Cholakin The Teaching of the Fable Ruth P. Thomas Charriere's Family Albums Carol L. Sherman The Female Body and Eros the Body and Its Figures Tilde Samkovitch Marguerite de Navarre and Losuise Labe, Two Perspectives on Liberty for Renaissance Women G. Mallery Masters Women's Religious Choices The Absent Ellipsis Mary McKinley Charlotee de Bourbon's Correspondence Jane Couchamn Mme du Noyer Henriette Goldwyn Mothering Mysticism Elizabeth C. Goldsmith Education and Careers Madame de Maintenon's Resigned Strategy Marcelle Maistre Welch A Courtly Salon on the Eve of the French Revolution Gita May Sexual/Textual Politics in the Enlightenment Mary Trouille Part II: Women and Literature: Literary Emancipation Tradition and Subversion Helisenne de Crenne's Le Songe, Robert D. Cottrell The Fury of the Pen Jerry C. Nash Catherine des Roches, the Pastoral, and Salon poetics Anne R. Larsen Anne de Marquete's Smattering of Latin and Greek, Gary Ferguson Staging Mystic Rapture Olga Anna Dull Towards a Geneology of Women's Rhetoric in Seventeenth-century France Phillipe-Joseph Salazar Matriarchal Desires and Labyrinths of the Marvelous Kathryn A. Hoffmann taking the Podium Janie Vanpee Narrative and Rhetorical Innovation The Letter Roger Duchene Letters to a Libertine Janet Whatley The Memoirs of Marguerite de Valois and the Birth of Women's Autobiography Madeline Lazard Mme Roland Beatrice Didier The Authorial Mask as Metaliterary Device in Madame de Villedieu's Les Desordres de l'Amour Roxanne Decker Lalande Seizing the Pen Donna Kuizenga Memoirs, Publishing, Scandal Gabrielle Verdier Bibliography Index


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