Curriculum: Toward New Identities

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This collection of essays by established writers in postmodern pedagogy stakes out new conceptual territories, redefines the field, and presents a complete review of contemporary curriculum practice and theory in a single volume Drawing upon contemporary research in political, feminist, theological, literary, and racial theory, this anthology reformulates the research methodologies of the discipline and creates a new paradigm for the study of curriculum into the next century. The contributors consider gender, identity, narrative and autobiography as vehicles for reviewing the current and future state of curriculum studies.Special FeaturesPresents new essays by established writers in postmodern pedagogy, Reviews curriculum studies through the filters of race, gender, identity, nattative, and autobiography, Offers in a single, affordable volume a complete review of contemporary curriculum practice and theory.


Life politics and the study of the teacher's life and work, Ivor F. Goodson; curriculum, transcendence and Zen/Taoism - a critical ontology of the self, Wen-Song Hwu; using the literacy portfolio for "willful world travelling", Paula Salvio; unskinning curriculum, Dennis J. Sumara and Brent A. Davis; narration, reflection, diffraction - functions of fiction in a postmodernist currere, Noel Gough; Pinar's currere and identity in hyperreality - grounding the post-formal notion of intrapersonal intelligence, Joe L. Kincheloe; psychoanalytic feminism and the powerful teacher, Wendy Atwell-Vasey; early childhood education -construction of revolutionary images, Gaile Cannella; beyond Eurocentrism in science education research - promises and problematics from a feminist poststructuralism perspective, Annette Gough; is there a queer pedagogy?, Deborah Britzman; don't ask, don't tell in education, Suzanne de Castell and Mary Bryson; uses of culture - canon formation, postcolonial literature and multiculturalism, Cameron McCarthy; curriculum herstory, Petra Munro; curriculum and concepts of control, William E. Doll; popular culture and identity, Alan Block; models of excellence -independent African-centred schools, Shariba Rivers and Kofi Lomotey; revolution and reality - an interview with Peter McLaren, Carmel Borg, Peter Mayo and Ronald Sultana.
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