Drama Activities for K-6 Students: Creating Classroom Spirit

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August 2006



This user-friendly book provides poems and stories accompanied by dramatic activities to help elementary school teachers create and maintain a peaceful classroom environment.


Chapter 1 Chapter One: Getting Started Chapter 2 Chapter Two: Caring and Sharing Chapter 3 Chapter Three: Conflict and Consequences Chapter 4 Chapter Four: Bullying and Teasing Chapter 5 Chapter Five: Envisioning Peace


Milton E. Polsky is the cochair of the UFT Players (United Federation of Teachers), an organization that has produced many of his plays. He has taught creative drama at New York City public schools and New York University, the City University of New York, and Hofstra University. Dr. Polsky is a recipient of the Rod Marriott Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Theatre Education, presented by the New York State Education Association. Among his many popular books are Let's Improvise, You Can Write A Play, and Celebrate Your School Namesake. Dorothy Napp Schindel is the director of DramaMUSE Associates, a company that creates interactive theater productions and drama-based programs for museums. Her book Pioneer Journeys: Drama in Museum Education (co-authored with Jennifer Fell Hayes) is a recipient of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education's Distinguished Book Award. Author of articles, director, scenic designer, educational theater specialist, and award winning visual artist she has taught at all levels, from kindergarten through college, and has worked in regional and off-Broadway theaters. Carmine Tabone is the director of the Jersey City-based Educational Arts Team and an adjunct faculty member at New York University in the Program in Educational Theater. He has served as a board member of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education and as a regional governor for the Children's Theatre Association of America. Author of numerous articles, Carmine has conducted workshops for young people, drama leaders, teachers, librarians, and parents in New Jersey public school classrooms and at regional, national and international conferences.


This practical text provides helpful hints and resources, as well as a strong focus on content, in order to augment a K-6 liberal arts education. This book is most helpful for undergraduate preservice elementary education majors, and classroom teachers who want to enhance the imagination of their students. Highly recommended. CHOICE If you and your students want to experience the world of creative drama and relate it to reality, this book is your best investment. It is filled with challenging and practical suggestions for invigorating the classroom and the lives of your students. What a delightfully dramatic way to explore positive, peaceful social values! -- Sally-Anne Milgrim, professor of English education, Hunter College This readable resource offers practical tips that would enable a beginning teacher to get started successfully and provides a wealth of ideas that will enrich the repertoire of the experienced teacher. -- Roberta Devlin-Scherer, professor, educational studies, Seton Hall University It is refreshing to read a text, the basis of which is an age-old belief in the power of the arts to release the imagination of children, coupled with content that is superbly chosen for its relevance to their needs in today's world. -- Jerrold Ross, dean, the School of Education, St. John's University, NY Drama Activities for K-6 Students successfully weaves the art and practice of classroom drama with rich, substantive content for today's children and their teachers. -- Johnny Saldana, Arizona State University More than ever, teachers across the country are facing classroom management issues and students acting out in negative and often disturbing ways. There are few creative drama books on the market that address the needs of elementary school teachers in this area. Your book is greatly needed. -- Nellie McCaslin, renowned professor and author of Creative Drama in the Classroom and Beyond The large variety of drama activities with easy-to-follow guidelines makes this book an especially useful resource for teachers and parents. -- Coleman A. Jennings, professor of theatre, University of Texas, Austin There is nothing more invigorating and beneficial for elementary school children than creative drama...This book is a wonderful and inspiring manual for all those concerned about developing the liberal arts when children need them the most. -- Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota and general editor of The Norton Anthology of Children's Literature An exciting holistic approach to teaching and learning drama. -- Mark Berman, former playwright-in-residence and faculty member of Penn State and Florida State Universities A must for the classroom teacher as well as the drama specialist. Nystea Chronicles
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