Teaching Music in the Urban Classroom, Volume 1: A Guide to Survival, Success, and Reform

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April 2006



The change needed in urban music education not only relates to the idea that music should be at the center of the curriculum; rather, it is that culturally relevant music should be a creative force at the center of reform in urban education. Teaching Music in the Urban Classroom: A Guide to Survival, Success, and Reform is the start of a national-level conversation aimed at making that goal a reality. Its diverse authors range from classroom music teachers to inner city arts administrators to well-known academics and policy-makers from across the United States and Canada.


Part 1 Introduciton Chapter 2 Defining Ourselves as Other: Envisioning Transformative Possibilities Chapter 3 Cultural Clashes: The Complexity of Identifying Urban Culture Chapter 4 Building Confianza: Using Dialogue Journals with English Language Learners in Urban Schools Chapter 5 White Teacher, Students of Color: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for Elementary General Music in Communities of Color Chapter 6 The Challenges of Urban Teaching: Young Urban Music Educators at Work Chapter 7 Teaching Music in Urban Landscapes: Three Perspectives Chapter 8 Motivating Urban Music Students Chapter 9 Differentiating Instruction in the Choral Rehearsal: Strategies for Choral Conductors in Urban Schools Chapter 10 Building an Instrumental Music Program in an Urban School Chapter 11 The String Chorale Concept Chapter 12 The Small, Big City in Music Education: The Impacts of Instrumental Music Education for Urban Students Chapter 13 A New Sound for Urban Schools: Rethinking How We Plan Chapter 14 Music of Every Culture Has Something in Common - and Can Teach Us about Ourselves: Using the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method Chapter 15 Music Educators in the Urban School Reform Conversation


Carol Frierson-Campbell is assistant professor of music at William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey, where she teaches courses in music education and graduate research and coordinates the Arts in Urban Schools outreach project.


This volume gathers the writing of professors, seasoned urban teachers, researchers, young teachers, and graduate students, and these diverse voices, though distinct, are united in their call for urban school reform and music curriculum reform. Keeping the focus on offering music experience to needy students, the editor presents the material under four large headings: cultural responsibility, music teacher stories, teaching strategies, and alternative teaching models. This carefully constructed volume is unique... Recommended. CHOICE Contributors discuss motivation, choral rehearsals, building an instrumental music program, string chorales, the impact of music education, challenges in teaching, English-language learners, using the music of all cultures, and white teachers working with students of color. Reference and Research Book News
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