Dog Training with Mr.Perks

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The popular Mr Perks, from the gundog section of "The Shooting Times," moves into dog training Anyone who has ever been humiliated by man's most disobedient friend will love this book What Mr Perks doesn't know about dog training could fill a book . . . and here it is. Mr Perks is sporting cartoonist Bryn Parry's invention. Mr Perks, sometimes with the help of formidable Mrs Perks, relates the history of the dog, describes some sporting breeds, and then jumps into basic and advanced gundog training. Mr Perks considers himself the leading authority on the subject of dog training--sadly for him, the dogs do not agree.


Bryn Parry is one of Britain's best known countryside cartoonists. His cartoons appear in country magazines and he has illustrated countless products with his witty, detailed and perceptive pictures. Bryn's previous bestsellers are Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Shooting Types, Horses for Courses, 101 Shooting Excuses, Sex in the Country and, with his wife Emma, Home on the Range
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