Radioanalytical Chemistry

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November 2006



This work is a comprehensive and much-needed tool for the teaching and practice of radioanalytical chemistry. It encompasses a concise theoretical background, laboratory work, and data interpretation. It also contains chapters on the most current and visible applications of radioanalytical techniques. Its emphasis on the practical aspects on laboratory setup and operation make it a valuable tool for training professionals and students alike.


Radiation Detection Principles.
Analytical Chemistry Principles.
Radioanalytical Chemistry Principles and Practices.
Sample Collection and Preparation.
Applied Radioanalytical Chemistry.
Preparation for Sample Measurement.
Applied Radiation Measurements.
Radionuclide Identification.
Data Calculation, Analysis, and Reporting.
Quality Assurance.
Methods Diagnostics.
Laboratory Design and Management Principles.
Laboratory Safety.
Automated Laboratory and Field Radionuclide Analysis Systems.
Chemistry Beyond the Actinides.
Mass Spectrometric Radionuclide Analyses.


From the reviews:
"It is an edited compilation of 17 chapters prepared by 20 contributing authors. There is good information available in the book. ... It has perhaps greater utility as a guide for the setup and operation of a radioanalytical laboratory. ... it is generally easy to read, is appropriately organized, and does add a new perspective to the existing instructional materials on radioanalytical chemistry. Overall, this is a useful book ... ." (Kenneth L. Nash, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 129 (33), 2007)
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