Career Counselling: Constructivist Approaches

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Dezember 2005



In a changing employment climate and with the growth of demand for careers guidance at all stages of life, careers guidance practice has moved from its positivist world view, with the counsellor as expert and client as passive responder, to more holistic 'constructivist' approaches. In essence, these approaches view the career as a holistic concept in which work and personal life are inextricably intertwined, and individuals are experts in their own lives, actively constructing their careers.The first to fully explore the constructivist approach, this book:
  • provides a theoretical background to constructivism
  • outlines a range of constructivist approaches to career counselling
  • gives examples of the practical application of constructivism.
Essential for anyone involved in career guidance wishing to learn more about this vital new approach, this book combines theory with practicable guidance, and represents a new direction for career counselling.


Part 1 Overview of Constructivism Chapter 1 Constructivism: What does it mean for career counselling? Wendy Patton (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) and Mary McMahon Chapter 2 Career Counselling Theory, Culture and Constructivism Mark Watson (University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa) Chapter 3 Usefulness and truthfulness: the limitations and benefits of constructivist approaches for career education, guidance and counselling Hazel L Reid (Canterbury Christ Church University College, England) Part 2 Constructivism, Culture and Career Counselling Chapter 4 The Systems Theory Framework: A conceptual and practical map for career counselling Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) Chapter 5 Active Engagement and the Influence of Constructivism Norman E. Amundson (University of British Columbia, Canada) Chapter 6 The use of narratives in cross-cultural career counselling Kobus Maree and Jacobus Molepo (University of Pretoria, South Africa) Part 3 -- Constructivist Approaches to Career Counselling Chapter 7 Career narratives Elizabeth M. Grant and Joseph A. Johnston (University of Missouri, USA) Chapter 8 Using a solution-building approach in career counselling Judi Miller (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) Chapter 9 Sociodynamic counselling Timo Spangar, Finland Chapter 10 Working with storytellers: A metaphor for career counselling Mary McMahon Chapter 11 Creative approaches to career counselling Mary McMahon Chapter 12 Constructivist career assessment Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) Part 4 -- Constructivist Career Assessment Chapter 13 Card Sorts: Constructivist Assessment Tools Polly Parker (The University of Auckland, New Zealand) Chapter 14 Constructivist tools on the Web Heidi Viljamaa (Careerstorm, Finland)


Mary McMahon Lecturer at the School of Education, University of Queensland, Australia. Wendy Patton is Professor and Head of School at the Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
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