The Promised Land?: The Lives and Voices of Hispanic Immigrants in the New South

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Through analysis of in-depth interviews with seventy-three Hispanic immigrants in Central Virginia, this book offers a rare in-depth look at the views and circumstances of immigrants in a new receiving area. It provides an examination of the new migration trend including an analysis of immigrants' living and working conditions, their family life, and their plans for the future.


Chapter 1. Introduction: Globalization and the Dispersal of Immigrants to Non-Traditional Receiving Areas in the United States Chapter 2. Central Virginia: A "Promised Land" for New Latino Immigrants? Chapter 3. Troubles in the "Promised Land": Complex Household Living as a Temporary Survival Strategy in Central Virginia Chapter 4. One Step Forward, Two steps Back: Gendered Experiences of Work and Family Life in Central Virginia Chapter 5. Permanent Settlement or a Temporary Stay?: The Future of the Hispanic Community in Central Virginia Chapter 6. The "Promised Land" As a Relative Concept: Public Policy Concerns for the Future Bibliography Appendix A


Patricia Goerman is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the United States Census Bureau. Her most recent publication is a chapter in Complex Ethnic Households in America.

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