Positive Operators

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Reprinted by popular demand, this monograph presents a comprehensive study of positive operators between Riesz spaces and Banach lattices. Since publication of this book in 1985, the subject of positive operators and Riesz spaces has found practical applications in disciplines including social sciences and engineering. This book examines positive operators in the setting of Riesz spaces and Banach lattices, from both the algebraic and topological points of view.


The Order Structure of Positive Operators.- Components, Homomorphisms, and Orthomorphisms.- Topological Considerations.- Banach Lattices.- Compactness Properties of Positive Operators.- Micromechanics and multiscale mechanics of carbon nanotubes-reinforced composites.- Multi-scale analytical methods for complex flows in process engineering: Retrospect and prospect.- Multiscaling effects in low alloy TRIP steels.- Ductile Cr-Alloys with solute and precipitate softening.- A multi-scale approach to crack growth.- Continuum-based and cluster models for nanomaterials.- Segmented multiscale approach by microscoping and telescoping in material science.- Mode I segmented crack model: Macro/symmetry, micro/ anti-symmetry and dislocation/skew-symmetry.- Tensegrity architecture and the mammalian cell cytoskeleton.- Mode II segmented crack model: Macro/skew-symmetry micro/anti-symmetry and dislocation/skew-symmetry.- Microstructure and microhardness in surface-nanocrystalline Al-alloy material.- Grain boundary effects on fatigue damage and material properties: Macro- and micro-considerations.- Coupling and communicating between atomistic and continuum simulation methodologies.
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