Plan Graphics for the Landscape Designer: With Section-Elevation and Computer Graphics

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April 2006



For courses in Landscape Design Graphics and Introduction to Landscape Design.

Plan Graphics for the Landscape Designer, Second Edition takes readers step-by-step through the design graphics process. Written at an accessible level, readers will learn basic drafting tools, lettering and drawing techniques; commonly used textures and symbols; how to read plan graphics; how to develop effective designs; and how to assemble professional portfolios. This edition is filled with new sample drawings, updated photographs and descriptive design illustrations-visuals that make techniques easy to follow and easy to understand. The revision maintains the text's presentation focus and provides helpful tip boxes to teach students how to draw an effective design.


1. The Landscape Design Process and Presentation Graphics 2. Tools 3. Line 4. Lettering 5. Symbols 6. Ground Plane 7. The Plan Drawing 8. Color 9. Section Drawing 10. Computer Graphics APPENDIX: PORTFOLIO INDEX
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