Strangers Settled Here Amongst Us: Policies, Perceptions and the Presence of Aliens in Elizabethan England

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During the reign of Elizabeth I, large numbers of aliens immigrated into England for various reasons, most notably to escape religious persecution and the wars that wrecked the Continent in the sixteenth century. Much like governments facing immigration issues today, England's governors struggled to strike a balance between the potentially beneficial and the potentially dangerous aspects of the aliens' presence. Strangers Settled Here Amongst Us focuses on the link between the aliens, native English and the central government. It explores policies and attitudes, bringing new perspectives to familiar documents as well as introducing documents rarely seen in the subject's scholarship.


"Many migration studies focus on the economic, political or religious forces that compelled people to move, but few address these issues in terms of the reaction of the receiving government to an influx of aliens. In the late Tudor period, England became an important participant in international affairs; controlling and managing this political shift, particularly when faced with popular perceptions left over from a previous era, was a daunting task. What Yungblut develops in this book is the attempt by Elizabeth and Cecil to recognize and address these new problems. She concisely and convincingly outlines the problems and the methods Elizabeth chose to confront them.."-"International Migration Review ." . . her [Laura Hunt Yungblut] study is both well written and thoroughly researched. By reading this book the general reader will gain a clearer understanding of the nature and impact of immigration on Elizabethan England."-David B. Mock, Tallahassee Community College, Summer 1997 ..." provides a useful perspective on the thinking and planning of Elizabeth I."-"Albion
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