Ecological Feminism

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Oktober 1994



This anthology is the first such collection to focus on the exclusively philosophical aspects of ecological feminism. It addresses basic questions about the conceptual underpinnings of women-nature' connections, and emphasises the importance of seeing sexism and the exploitation of the environment as parallel forms of domination. Ecological Feminism is enriched by the inclusion of essays which take differing views of the importance and nature of ecofeminism. It will be an invaluable resource for courses on women's studies, environmental studies and philosophy.


Preface Introduction Karen J. Warren Is Ecofeminism Feminst? Victoria Davion Wrongs of Passage: Three Challenges to the Maturing of Ecofeminism Deborah Slicer Rethinking Again: A Defense of Ecofeminist Philosophy Douglas J. Buege The Ecopolitics Debate and the Politics of Nature Val Plumwood Ecofeminism, Deep Ecology, and Human Population Christine J. Cuomo The Limits of Partiality: Ecofeminism, Animal Rights, and Environmental Concern David Kenneth Johnson and Kathleen R. Johnson Towards an Ecofeminist Moral Epistemology Lori Gruen Restructuring the Discursive Moral Subject in Ecological Feminism Phillip Payne Nature/Theory/Difference: Ecofeminism and the Reconstruction of Environmental Ethics Jim Cheney Toward an Ecofeminist Peace Politics Karen J. Warren Biographical Sketches of Contributors
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