Geomorphological Techniques

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August 1990



This review of techniques for studying the Earth's landforms has been thoroughly updated. Retaining the five-part structure of the first edition, the specialist contributors to Geomorphological Techniques have augmented their original,


Preface to the First Edition Preface to the Second Edition Acknowledgements Contributors Part One: Introduction, M. Anderson & T. Burt Methods of Geomorphological Investigation Process Determination in Time and Space Part Two: Form, Edited by K.S. Richards Introduction to Morphometry, K. Richards General Problems in morphometry, K. Richards; General Geomorphometry, I. Evans Geomorphology and Geochronology, K. Richards Specific Geomorphometry, R. Jarvis & N. Clifford Drainage Basin Morphometry, V.Gardiner River Channel Form, K. Richards Hillslope Profiles, N. Cox Cartographic Techniques in Geomorphology, I. Evans Part Three: Material Properties, Edited by W. Whalley Introduction, W.B. Whalley Physical Properties Chemical Properties Strength of Materials Measuring and Recording Devices, W. Whalley Part Four: Process, Edited by J. Lewin Denudation and Weathering, A. Goudie Slope Processes, I. Statham Solutes, R. Cryer & S. Trudgill River Channels, J. Lewin Glacial Process, David Collins Aeolian Processes, P. Knot & A. Warren Coastal Processes, R. Dugdale Biological Aspects of Process Measurements, H. van Zon Neoectonic Processes, A. Goudie Part Five: Evolution, dited by P. Worsley Radiocarbon Dating: Principles, Application and Sample Collection, P. Worsley Uranium-Series Disequilibrium Dating Methods, D. Ford & H. Schwarcz Applications of Stable Isotopes in Waters, Sedimentary Deposits, and Fossil Plants and Animals, H. Schwarcz & D. Ford Additional Dating Methods, G. Miller Tree-Ring Dating (Dendrochronology), P. Worsley Lichenometry, P. Worsley Peats and Lake Sediments: Formation, Stratigraphy, Desciption and Nomenclature, F. Oldfield & N. Richardson Raised Shorelines, J. Rose Palaeosols, I. Fenwick References Bibliography Index
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