Economic Evolution: An Inquiry Into the Foundations of the New Institutional Economics

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Oktober 1995



The new institutional economics offers one of the most exciting research agendas in economics today. Yet can it really explain processes of economic change? Economic Evolution explores three of the main approaches within the new institutional economics: * the new theory of the firm, * Nelson and Winter's evolutionary economics * game theoretic accounts of spontaneous evolution.Close analysis reveals that the approaches differ on such fundamental issues as the meaning of terms like institution' and evolution'. However, the book also uncovers two evolutionary mechanisms that govern processes of economic change in all of these approaches.


"I think this is a wonderful book. The author covers a wide range of literatures, and discusses each with sophistication and subtlety. I know most of these areas very well, and . . . by and large I am in basic accord. More, I learned a lot from what he had to say."
-Richard R. Nelson, Columbia University
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