Counselling Psychology: Integration of Theory, Research and Supervised Practice

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November 1997



A newly-emerging discipline, with its foundations in academic psychology, counselling psychology has the unique potential to integrate research and practice in counselling. Practitioners are sometimes reluctant to introduce research into their place of work, seeing it as a distraction from the counselling process. This book shows how a blend of theory, research and supervised practice can be employed in ways which will benefit both counsellors and their clients. "Counselling Psychology," while a valuable sourcebook for experienced practitioners, also provides a secure grounding for trainees.


Petruska Clarkson MA, PhD, is a consultant chartered counselling and clinical psychologist with 25 years' successful experience as a psychotherapist, supervisor and organisational consultant. She is an international visiting lecturer/supervisor, the author/editor of 12 books and over 100 professional papers, the principle/co-founder of several major organisations in the field, Fellow of the British Association for Counselling, Chair of the British Psychological Society Psychology Diploma Examinations Board, and Honorary Reader in the psychology of supervision at Surrey University.
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