Reconstructing Political Economy: The Great Divide in Economic Thought

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August 1999



This volume offers an original perspective on the questions the great economists have asked and looks at their significance for todays world. Written in a provocative and accessible style, it examines how the diverse traditions of political economy have conceptualised economic issues, events and theory. Going beyond the orthodoxies of mainstream economics it shows the relevance of political economy to the debates on the economic meaning of our times. Reconstructing Political Economy is a timely and thought-provoking contribution to a political economy for our time. In this light it offers fresh insights into such issues as modern theories of growth, the historic relations between state and market and the significance of globalisation for modern societies.


"Tabb's work should be consulted by economists who think political science might have something to offer, that political economy may be something more than an incorporation of institutions in general laws, and who share Tabb's emphasis on the social aspect of social science."
--Nicola Phillips and Timothy Sinclair "University of Warwick
"[An] informed and up-to-date panorama."
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