Building on Student Diversity: Profiles and Activities

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September 2006



Building on Student Diversity gives teachers a real-world context for learning about and accommodating children with diverse backgrounds and abilities. To help teachers practice working with diverse students, the authors have developed a set of biographies and simulated cumulative files of six students at three levels (early childhood, middle school, and high school). The major portion of the book consists of applied, hands-on activities that teachers can use in conjection with the student biographies, cumulative files, and demographic information to gain practical experience in working with diverse children.


Midland USA and Its Schools
Part I: Profiles and Cumulative Folders
Casey: Motivating and Modifying for Learning Disabilities
Sarah: Supporting Intellectual Giftedness
Malcolm: Addressing the Challenges of AD/HD
Raul: Bridging Cultural Gaps
Leslie: Accommodating Physical Disabilities
Yu-Shin: Reaching Reluctant English Language Learners
Part II: Activities
Getting to Know Your Learners
Designing Environments that Support Your Learners
Developing Lessons to Meet the Needs of Your Learners
Gathering Data to Improve Instruction
Communicating with Families


"This book works to give teachers a tool for understanding how to examine their teaching methods and refine those methods to maximize student learning...Galton is a well known researcher...and he has valuable insights into tailoring teaching methods in ways to meet specific learning goals. This book is recommended for all elementary teachers looking for ways to maximize learning in their classroom."  -EDUCATION LIBRARIES
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